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    Clinical Data for Bioness Rehabilitation Systems

    Research Shows the Effectiveness of This Revolutionary Technology

    Technological Advances in Stroke Rehabilitation – High Tech Marries High Touch

    Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

    Neurologist, Richard C. Senelick, MD writes about the benefits of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to restore and improve functional abilities in the latest publication of US Neurology entitled, “Technological Advances in Stroke Rehabilitation – High Tech Marries High Touch”.

    Read the full article here

    L300 Data

    A research study showed the L300 Foot Drop System may increase walking speed, improve stability, lower the incidence of falling and provide more confidence.1 Another study2 showed that the system offers significant improvements when compared to walking without it.

    The results speak for themselves (walking with the L300 Foot Drop System vs. without):

    • 17% increase in average walking speed
    • 34% increase in average walking speed after 8 weeks
    • 45% improvement in gait symmetry index after 8 weeks
    • 33% improvement in stride time variability after 8 weeks (a marker of gait stability and fall risk)
    • Fall frequency decreased by 92%
    L300 Foot Drop System Data

    Chronic Stroke L300 Study2

    Neuroprosthetic Benefit

    24 patients with chronic hemiparesis (5.8 ± 5.2 yrs post) participated in an 8 week study using the L300 Foot Drop System

    Chronic Stroke L300 Study

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